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Check this page for help documents, videos and links. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below to get started, and add a comment to the discussion area at the bottom of the page if there is an FAQ topic you would like to see here.

Wiki FAQs

1. How do I edit a wiki page?

2. How do I add a picture to my page?

3. How do I add a video to my page?

4. How can I create a link to another wiki page or a totally different website?
  • Check out this video to see how to create different types of links on your wiki page.

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Group Writing Project FAQs

1. How will this project be marked?
  • This project will be marked on a combination of factors, including individual and group participation on your wiki page, regular contributions to the discussion boards for other group's pages, writing, and the use APA citations for your sources.
  • Group members will evaluate each other (and themselves!) at the end of the project using the Group Member Evaluation Form.
  • The instructor will take the Group Member evaluations into account when deciding on your final mark for the project. You can see the final marking rubric for this project here.

2. What can I do if a member of my group is not participating?
  • Here are some steps you can follow if someone in your group is not participating:
    • Talk to the group member and ask them why they are not participating. Maybe they are not sure how to use the wiki and you can help them.
    • Ask your other group members or classmates for help or suggestions for working with this person.
    • Contact me if you are still having problems.

3. How can I correctly cite my sources when writing?

4. How many sources do I need to cite?
  • At least two other websites (not Wikipedia),
  • At least two articles, and
  • At least one book.

5. What do I need to add to my wiki page besides text?
  • At least one image relevant to your topic (don't forget to cite the source for your image in the Caption area),
  • At least one hyperlink to a relevant source or for your readers to access additional information, and
  • At least one video relevant to your topic (feel free to create your own video if you want!).