Welcome to Our Class Wiki Project!

For the next two weeks we will be working together to create an editable website, or wiki, about various topics from your textbook. We will have time during class to work on this project together and you will also be expected to work on this assignment outside of class time. All you will need is a device for typing such as a computer or tablet, and an Internet connection.

The focus of this assignment is academic writing, so bring your formal writing skills and don't forget about APA formatting!

Group Assignments

For this project you will be working in groups. Please find your assigned group in the list below.

Group 1: Internet Safety
Sarah Kim
Andrea Huber
Helen Schmidt
Emily Lee
Group 2: Advertising
Tom Muller
Christina Li
Alice Lee
Daisy Kim
Group 3: Drug Use in Sports
John Park
Kevin Wang
Tony Chan
Mike Tran
Group 4: Eco-Tourism
Tina Lee
Lily Zhang
Alex Hoffman

I have created a page for each group and you will be responsible for writing information on this page on your project topic. Class lessons over the two weeks will guide you through this wiki project.

Project Guidelines

Due Dates

Check the Events section of this wiki for due dates.

(when members of a wiki are signed in, they will see an Events option near the top of their screen. Otherwise you can return to the Welcome Page to see the Events listed near the top of the screen.)


Check the Help Page for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and helpful video tutorials for using this wiki.

If you are having any problems accessing your page, please contact me.