Welcome to Shannon's EAL Wiki Learning Module

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This wiki was created to partially satisfy the requirements for the graduate course EDER 669.73 at the University of Calgary. I am currently enrolled in the Master's of Education program at U of C, with a specialization in teaching English as an additional language (TEAL).

This project aims to use a classroom wiki in order to encourage group collaboration in an academic writing project. While this project is aimed toward young adult language learners, it could easily be adapted to suit the needs of other classroom contexts. To learn more about the specific teaching context for this project, click here.

Learners will be guided through the wiki project with training on the use of the technology from the instructor and specific goals for each stage of the learning module. Wikispaces, the free online platform used for this project, allows an organizer the ability to create pages, add Members, create Projects and Events, and view Assessment information on Members. This project uses the Classroom version of Wikispaces, which was created specifically for use in educational settings (read more about Wikispaces Classroom here). Read through the lesson plans for this project here.

The result will be a wiki with various pages created by group members in order to explain or explore an academic topic, and the ability for all learners to interact with other learner’s writings. The use of an online collaboration tool such as a wiki allows the instructor to integrate a class writing project with emerging technology. Check out sample pages for the project here and here.

Feel free to navigate through the various pages of this wiki using the navigation area on the right side of this page.